About us

Shenzhen Zhundian Testing Instrument Inc. provide service and solution for testing instrument for the production of high-quality motors and its accessories worldwide. 

Since the 1990s, we started to focus on research and development of testing instruments, with a goal to provide a faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive solution to all of our customers. We were the frontiers of the industry and one of earliest companies to provide solutions for many important applications in our fields, such as automatically classification for surge wave. integrated motor stator and armature testing equipment to little meter, high precision test for armature welding resistance μΩ, applying vibration and noise testing in the production of motor. 

With cutting-edge technology, reliable products, reasonable pricing and quality of service, we are popular among many prestige customers from a diversified background, such as military, automobiles, household appliances, power tools and other areas. 

The produce and services provided by this company include but not limit to: automotive, power tools, household appliances brush DC motor and component test machine; automotive, power tools, household appliances brushless DC, permanent magnet synchronous motors and machine parts testing; car starter and engine tester; induction motor and machine components change. 

Our customers include but not limit to: Bosch (global), Johnson Electric, broad-ocean, Valeo, Remy, Continental Automotive, Siemens motors, TTI, BYD, Black & Decker, Hilti, Makita power tools, Hitachi power tools, Igarashi , China-Dongcheng tools, Gree, Midea. And we have already provided tens of thousands of sets of production lines and the motor assembly test equipment for the our customers over the years.